Saturday, September 29, 2012

Blog Post Assignment #5

iPod with Graduation Hat
The iSchool Initiative
Travis Allen is the Mark Zuckerburg of Education says his video, Travis Allen's ZeitgeistYoungMinds entry (Mobile Learning) iSchool Initiative. In his high school years, Travis, wanted to come up with a way to help cut education cost. This includes the cost of notebook paper, text books, pens, pencils, and ink cartridges. Travis decided that a great way to do this was to come up with the iSchool initiative. The iSchool initiative informs education systems how much cost they will save by using the iTouch interface. By watching the video, The iSchool initiative (Mobile Learning), you can see how useful this new technology is. One single device can store homework, class assignments, textbooks, and be used to take lecture notes. By using this tool, the cost of each student will only be $150.00 versus $600.00.
Travis had some great points in his videos. If schools were to take away textbook cost that would be a huge chunk of money they could use on teacher funding. By having the iTouch feature in classrooms, students will have everything they need in one tool. This will help cut down on losing homework, forgetting textbooks, and not having any notebook paper. This will even help students become more organized, because they only thing they would have to remember is their iTouch device.
Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir - 'Lux Aurumque'
Virtual Choir
Seriously, what can not be done in the virtual world? I am beginning to think everything that we do in real life can somewhat be done in the virtual world. This video is truly amazing. There are close to 200 people performing 'Lux Aurumque' altogether. The unique quality of this video is that these people never met or talked. Eric Whitacre had a fantastic idea of creating this masterpiece, it really does embrace the new technology that we have today. Web cameras, YouTube, and editing programs-along with a ton of patience-made this video happen.
Google is Certified Teacher
21st Century Teaching
Teaching in the 21st Century can be exciting, innovative, and mind-blowing. Teachers have so many tools in their classrooms to enable a technology style learning. This will allow students to use technology to do homework and problem solve with different social networking sites.
Teaching in the 21st Century means to engage students in everything they need to know and give them experience to test out various form of technology. In the video, Teaching in the 21st Century By: Kevin Roberts, a John Strange Version, it describes the ways teaching is changing in the 21st Century. I think that all of the points made in the video are correct. Teaching is changing to technology and social networking sites. Students can find out so much information by using the internet. Even though so much of the information on the internet is not useful at all, teachers can narrow down websites for their students to use to make sure they stay on the right track. Although I am being exposed to all of these fabulous ways of teaching, it changes every day. This means that all the way through my college education into teaching, I will have to stay on top of the new ways of teaching and using technology.
Classroom Flipped
Flipping Your Classroom
Katie Gimbar,Why I Flipped My Classroom, Dr. Lodge Macammon, Dr. Lodge McCammon's FIZZ - Flipping the Classroom, and Ms. Munafo,Flipping the Classroom - 4th Grade STEM , have all obviously flipped their classroom. You may ask what is flipping the classroom? Well it is simply having students watch lectures on a computer so they will come prepared to class to learn. The lectures would be their homework and to ensure they watch the videos the student will have a sheet to fill out with example that was in the video.
I love the idea of the flipped classroom. It enables teachers to be more interactive with their students and spend more time on students who need help. If students do not need help, then the teacher can present challenging problems to increase their learning. Whenever I land a job, I hope that I will be given the chance to incorporate this type of learning into my classroom.

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