Saturday, November 17, 2012

Blog Post Assignment #12

Since EDM 310 and EDU 301 collaborate with a SmartBoard lesson. I thought it would be neat for future students to create a lesson that incorporates a core subject, SmartBoard technology, and have a visual art to go along with it.

Future students will be allowed to get as creative as they want with any subject they want. These are just the basic steps to get students headed in the right directions.

1. Pick out a core subject and grade level that you are interested in: Math, Science, Reading, or Social Studies

2. Download the SmartNotebook to your own computer, here! Either you should have already have the product key or you can ask Dr. Strange for it! Once you have completed this process go to ,Smart Exchange, to find a SmartBoard lesson that fits your topic or get creative and create your own!

3. Once you have completed steps one and two, search the web for a visual art that corresponds with your lesson. Crayola has some great items to choose from, they even have lesson plans! Since meeting in EDM 310 is only so often it would be sufficient enough just to include a picture of the art you would like for your students to participate in.


Here is the lesson that I put together:

The core subject and grade level that I am interested in is 5th grade Science. Science has always been fascinating to me and it has a lot of useful information for students.

You can view my SmartBoard lesson that I found on Smart Exchange, HERE!

This LINK takes you to the lesson plan for the visual art. The picture is included below.

butterfly models

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  1. Hi Cheyenne,
    I think your blog idea is great! I would suggest filming yourself teaching the lesson, like our Project #15. That way, you incorporate more aspects of technology, and can use multiple types of media. I guess that would make it more a project and not a blog post though. Your writing looks nice too. The only thing that I found a little off is that “sufficient enough” is redundant. Other than that, nice work!