Monday, November 26, 2012

C4K Summary: November

My C4K comments for the month of November were the following:

Colton wrote a post about the Gary Paulsen book, Hatchet. He said his favorite part was when the bear attacked the guy. He said he did not like the ending of the book, because it was nonrealistic.

This is the comment I left Colton,
I am Cheyanne Wilson, a student at the University at South Alabama. I am studying to be an elementary teacher. I just did research on Gary Paulsen and his book Hatchet. He is a very interesting author, if you have not found out anything about Mr. Paulsen, I encourage you too! Did you know that Hatchet won the Newbery Award? I encourage you to check out his other books, they are all about adventure and the outdoors! Hope you are enjoying your school year!
Cheyanne Wilson

Clara wrote a blog post about if she she a personal assistant for a week. She chose to pick Albery Einstein. She chose him because he is smart and could help her with her homework and schoolwork. She said he could also help her refrain from getting distracted while doing her work. She also said she would get him to help her acquire studying skills.

This is the comment I left Clara,
I am Cheyanne Wilson, a student at the University of South Alabama. I am an elementary education major.
I think you definitely picked the right person to help you with your homework. I probably would have picked Albert Einstein too! He was a very smart man! If it was not for him we would not know anything about the world of physics! I am sure he would have some great ways to help you start studying and doing your homework without getting distracted. I enjoyed reading your post! Enjoy your school year!
Cheyanne Wilson

I watched a video for my final C4K. It was composed by Nelson's Navigators. This video was titled, The State House. It included several pictures of the State House and surrounding tourist attractions. This video was made by 4th grade students using iPads. The video had pictures and text as well as the students' voices reading the text. It was a very great video.

This is the comment I left for Nelson's Navigators,
Hello Daphne East Elementary 4th Graders!
I am Cheyanne Wilson, a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I am studying to be an elementary teacher. I was assigned to watch on comment on your video, The State House.
Your video was very interesting, had great pictures, and it contained very interesting facts! Whenever I was in middle school, I went to the House of Representatives and was a Page. It was a very interesting experience. One day maybe you can be a Page. I am glad you enjoyed your trip to the State House!
Cheyanne Wilson

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  1. Ms. Yim (Daphne Elementary) invented the EDM310 Checklist.

    Well done. Is your comment on Eyes on Ireland in the October summary. If not, where is it?