Tuesday, November 6, 2012

C4T #3 Summary

I was assigned to comment on Debbie Maiers' blog. You can find her blog here!

The first post I commented on mentioned the curiosity of students. Ms. Maiers was praising the teacher, Debbie Stephens. Ms. Stephens is a teacher who encourages her teacher to be "geniuses". Ms. Stephens makes her children feel like geniuses by letting them come up with ways to help schools and make new lessons. She also stated that the only way children can become geniuses is through using their curiosity and this leads to asking questions. Ms. Stephens also stated that, "Genius is messy and learning is messy and classrooms get messy when genius shows up!" This is the comment that I left Ms. Maiers, "Hello Ms. Maiers, I am Cheyanne Wilson, a student at the University of South Alabama. I am an elementary education/special education major. I was assigned to comment on your blog for my EDM 310 class with Dr. Strange.
I really enjoyed reading this post. I will benefit greatly from it whenever I become a teacher. It reminds us that all children are capable of something and they are all a geniuses. Brainstorming different things helps students learn to think out of the box. Being curious is probably the most important thing for students to do while in school. If they do not explore different subjects, then they will never know what will work and what does not work. This was a very interesting post!
Thanks for sharing, Cheyanne Wilson".

The second comment I left was on a post that discussed the importance of writing our life story and embracing it. The stories we create give us tools for life. Ms. Maiers said that imperfection makes us unique. That means that our life story does not have to be perfect; we all make mistakes and we have to live with that. This is the comment I left Ms. Maiers, "Ms. Maiers,
I am Cheyanne Wilson from the University of South Alabama. This is a very powerful post. I enjoyed it throughly. I think it is important to create our own story and share it with our own children and students. They need to know that life will not always be perfect and not being perfect helps us learn and grow. Thank you for sharing this!
Cheyanne Wilson".

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