Sunday, October 7, 2012

Blog Post Assignment #6

The Last Lecture- Achieving Your Childhood Dreams By: Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch is such an amazing man! I was not so fond about watching this hour long video, but I was amazed by every second of it. If you have the chance to watch it, DO IT! Randy was so positive about everything going on in his life whenever he gave this speech. I cannot imagine standing up in front of hundreds of people giving his last lecture. This lecture was about his childhood dreams, enabling dreams of others, and lessons that his learned throughout his life.

Randy had several goals as a child. He did not achieve all of them, but he learned a lesson throughout all of them. Being a child I also had several dreams. Although I have achieved most of the ones I have set, I learned a lesson from most of them also. Pausch stated, 'Experience is what you get when you did not get what you wanted', this could not have been said any better. I will remember this statement whenever I start teaching. Being a first year teacher is sometimes difficult and everything will not go as planned. If I gain experience from something that goes wrong, I will remember what was done the first time and what needs to be done the second time to succeed.

Pausch mentioned ways that we could enable other's dreams. At the university Pausch taught at he was a pioneer of a virtual world class. He taught students how to create their own virtual world. This was never done at the university so Pausch had several arrows in his back. He said that whenever you pioneer something, what will go wrong-does go wrong, and that results in several arrows in the back. Pausch made this class fun for his students and it made their learning experience better. I hope to put this type of learning experience in my classroom. I want to make learning fun for my students so they will want to come to school. If school is fun for student then they will not realize that they are actually learning new skills everyday.

To be a successful teacher, you have to be a good salesman. Teachers are the most important salesman, they sale education. Two of the lessons Randy learned during his life were, learn from your students and have fun. It is important to listen to your students, because more than likely you will learn something new from them. Having fun while doing your job will allow you to enjoy your job and look forward to making a difference in your student's life.

Dr. Randy Pausch made this statement at the very end of his lecture, 'Lead your life the right way and karma will take care of itself, eventually your dream will come to you.' I think this is a very strong statement and something for others to think about. Just think about it.....


  1. "I was not so fond about watching this hour long video," Such short attention spans this generation has!

    Even though this lecture was addressed to his kids, every educator can take many lessons from it!

  2. I enjoyed reading your post. I agree with several of the points you pulled from Dr. Pausch's speech. This was actually my second time watching this video and I enjoyed it just as much this time as I did the first. I'm glad to see you also enjoyed it.
    Your post was well written and thought out. Be sure to proof read your posts. I found a few errors in your wording. For example, in the first paragraph you used "his" instead of "he's" and also in the fourth paragraph you used "sale" instead of "sell". Other than those minor errors, your post was wonderful to read.