Saturday, October 13, 2012

Blog Post Assignment #7

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Networked Student By: Wendy Drexler
In the video, Networked Student, it describes the benefits of being a student that is allowed to use the internet instead of textbooks in his middle school classes. (I wish this was the case for me while I was in middle school or high school) This student does not have to be face to face with an actual teacher while he is doing his homework or classwork. Being a networked student, he is connected to various information from outstanding colleges and other teachers. He is also able to connect to his peers and give his own input on their blogs.
This student was able to find several research articles for his topic, American psychology, while he was searching on the internet, but the beauty of this is he could have research a different topic and got the same result. Being able to use the internet in school is such a great opportunity; not only does it give useful information, but also allows us to get familiar with technology and enables to create our own personal learning network. By creating this personal learning network, students from around the world can benefit from our blogs and we can benefit from theirs. Being connected to other students can benefit in the learning process, because we all learn from each other. Not only do we benefit from each other, but this information will stay with us for the rest of our lives. This student could have used the research he done in middle school in a college course, since he had it on his personal learning network.
With all of this being said this question may arise, Do We Still Need Teachers?, this is actually a great question. Students still need teachers, because since there is SO much information on the internet students need guidance on which information is useful and which is not. Teachers teach students how to find and use different websites to make their web-searching a success. Teachers also teach the student how to compile all of the information he/she found into a successful paper, powerpoint, or oral presentation. To answer your question, yes we still need effective teachers in today's education to teach students how to use this new way of learning effectively. Teachers will remain teachers and computers will remain a strong learning tool.
Welcome to My PLE! By: Wendy Drexler
This 7th grade student has got it going on! This style of organization and learning fascinates her and me also. She is so excited about this new way of doing Science work and creating her own personal learning network. I am also so excited to be able to learn all of these new learning styles. I only wish they were incorporated while I was in middle school or high school. Seeing students that are excited about learning, shows me there is a wonderful future ahead in the education field and I will get to be apart of it!


  1. Hi Cheyanne!
    I loved your post! I think we pretty much have the same view on being a network student. I found it so neat how the teacher could incorporate an online class in a middle school setting. I think this should be done more often. I especially loved your answer to the question, " Do we still need teachers?" I agree with that completely! I did see a few grammar mistakes. Once you put "done" when I think meant to put "did." and I saw a few comma mistakes, but nothing major and nothing a little proof-reading can't fix! Keep up the great work in this class, and remember, we are half way done this week!

  2. "In the video, Networked Student, it describes..." Awkward. This is simple and better: The video, Networked Student, describes...

    Weak summary of 7th grader and PLE.

    A PLN is primarily a group of people, but also tools, that expand your sources of information, provide you with ideas, challenge your thinking, get you to explore new possibilities. The more people you have in your PLN, and the more diverse their backgrounds and interests, the more you will benefit. Don't confuse it with Symbaloo which is an organizational too. A useful too, yes. But not a PLN.