Sunday, October 7, 2012

C4K Summary: September

The first student blog I commented on was Achu's blog in Buenos, Aires. He was wishing his best friend forever, Male, a happy birthday. I told Achu who I was, where I went to school, and where USA is located at. I told him that as college students we were learning how to blog like he was. I explained to him how great having a best friend was, because they were someone who could be with him for the rest of his life. I also told him I hoped that he had a great school year.

The second student blog I commented on was Jake's blog. He is in Ms. Dunlop's 4th grade class. In Jake's blog post he said some reasons that he admired his mom. Some of the reasons he admires her is that she is a heart doctor, she takes care of him, and she takes care of people with heart problems. I told Jake who I was, where I went to school, and my major. I also told Jake we are learning how to blog just like he is. In my comment I told Jake that it was so important to admire his mom and moms are important to everyone. I also told him I am a mom and that it was cool that his mom is a heart doctor.

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